Imagine what it would be like if we no longer had the music we have grown to know and love such as Beethoven Razomovsky quartets, Handel and Britten operas, Tchaikovsky symphonies – music which was created by the support of private patrons who had the vision to see that the music of their time would be a legacy for the future. Without that investment at the time we would be the poorer.

Convivium Music considers that it is important to allow each generation to encourage the creative ideas of existing artists, and to give current composers the opportunity to leave their artistic mark on society. Music is still commissioned for particular players and particular occasions by, for example, Music Trusts and Festivals. And music can also be commissioned by a collection of people combining together, which is how the Convivium Music Subscription Scheme works.

So like planting a tree for future generations to benefit, Convivium Music is sowing musical seeds and Cultivating New Music in Lincolnshire.

By subscribing to new commissions

  • You will be involved in the creation of new music

You can

  • meet the composer and performers
  • attend the premiere
  • follow the progress of the piece
  • feel a pride in the patronage of artistic enterprise in our time
  • You will create a legacy for the future

To find out how to subscribe to the current commission or future commissions go to “Subscription”